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Struthers Middle School Contacts

We are here to help you and your child succeed. Please contact us anytime for any questions or concerns.

Main Office: (330) 750-1064

Mark Lucas, Lead Principal

(330) 750-1064, Ext. 41411

Robert Gelonese, Principal

(330) 750-1064, Ext. 41412

Michelle Higgins, Office Secretary

(330) 750-1064, Ext., 41414

Amy Copolla, Attendance Secretary

(330) 750-1064, Ext., 41409

Floyd Cracraft, Guidance Counselor

(330) 750-1064, Ext., 41434

Teacher Directory

5th Grade

Mrs. Carcelli
Ext. 41447

Mrs. Cromer
Ext. 41424

Mr. Gough
Ext. 41440

Mrs. McBride
Ext. 41457

Mrs. Nagle
Ext. 41460

Mrs. Smith
Ext. 41481

6th Grade

Mrs. Buchenic
Ext. 41421

Ms. Cammack
Ext. 41480

Mrs. Denmeade
Ext. 41436

Mrs. Harris
Ext. 41425

Mrs. Loew
Ext. 41423

Mrs. Pint
Ext. 41426

7th Grade

Mr. Franceschelli
Ext. 41458

Mrs. Johnson
Ext. 41450

Mr. Kos
Ext. 41452

Mr. Pascarella
Ext. 41459

Mrs. Pera
Ext. 41462

Mrs. Steiner
Ext. 41444

Mr. Stoddart
Ext. 41449

8th Grade

Mrs. Brown
Ext. 41476

Mrs. Kuntz
Ext. 41463

Mrs. Mathieson
Ext. 41443

Mr. Ragazzine
Ext. 41437

Ms. Szabo
Ext. 41466

Mrs. Weitzman
Ext. 41478

Gifted Teacher

Mrs. Sanna
Ext. 41465


Mr. Lariccia
Ext. 41427

Title 1

Mrs. Lacsko
Ext. 41454

Mrs. Olson
Ext. 41461


Mrs. Zappia
Ext. 41431

Life Skills

Mrs. Rohrer
Ext. 41435


Mr. Donatelli
Ext. 41438/41439

Physical Education

Mr. Mascola
Ext. 41482

Mr. Slepski
Ext. 41468


Mr. Shuluga
Ext. 41445


Mrs. Brodnan
Ext. 41418

Mr. Hawkins
Ext. 41469

Mrs. Russo
Ext. 41371

Mrs. Welch
Ext. 41413


Mr. Zanni
Ext. 41375

Special Education

Ms. Berry
Ext. 41467

Mrs. Bonilla
Ext. 41417

Mrs. Conner
Ext. 41430

Ms. DeCapita
Ext. 41441

Ms. Minchin-Skook
Ext. 41416

Ms. Ragusa
Ext. 41415

Ms. Cerimele
Ext. 41422


Mrs. Hardenbrook
Ext. 41475

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The Struthers City School District in cooperation with family and a community founded on tradition, recognize our role as a catalyst for change to enhance student achievement and develop good character as we create appropriate academic, technological, and vocational opportunities for all students.

Based on the needs of our students, we are dedicated to providing a diversified, integrated, and flexible curriculum that develops independent and responsible citizens capable of making critical decisions.

As a primary partner in providing educational leadership, we will create links with family, business, and community agencies to ensure the continuous improvement of teaching and learning.

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