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Struthers High School

Struthers High School Students Conduct Testing at Yellow Creek Park

Geoff Malcomson and the students in his Advanced Placement Environmental Science class will spend a school day studying the health of the stream in Yellow Creek Park on Friday, Sept. 18, weather permitting.

“It’s just to give them some awareness about their local environment,” Malcomson said.

The students will spend the day at the 76-acre gorge area in Struthers running chemical tests to determine the properties of the water. These properties include its concentration of nitrates, phosphates and dissolved oxygen. They will also sample macroinvertebrates, or small organisms that lack a backbone, to help determine the quality of the stream.

Following the field day, the students will be asked to produce a comprehensive report showcasing their findings and what they mean “for the health of the watershed,” Malcomson explained.

He noted that students enrolled in the AP Environmental Science course must participate in one laboratory or inquiry-based activity each week.

The program is in its second year at Struthers High School and offers material more challenging than that of a regular high-school course. Malcomson held the first field-day excursion during the 2014-2015 School Year and said he “had a lot of support” to start and continue the opportunity for students.

A grant, totaling approximately $7,000, from the AP Opportunity Program funded the purchase of new equipment, such as chemical test kits and textbooks, for the experiments. The Eastgate Regional Council of Governments provided an additional donation that supported Malcomson’s training and additional supplies.

Malcomson said he’s thrilled to be able to give his students the hands-on experience, and is hopeful that he’ll be able to continue to do so in the years to come.

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