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Struthers High School

Contact Directory

We are here to help you and your child succeed. Please feel free to reach out to us whenever you have questions or concerns.

Struthers High School: (330) 750-1062

Fax: (330) 755-4525

Mr. Roger Day, Lead Principal

(330) 750-1062 Ext., 41312

Ms. Mary Ann Meadows, Principal

(330) 750-1062 Ext., 41311

Special Services: (330) 750-1062

Ms. Amanda McNinch, Director

(330) 750-1062, Ext. 41374

Athletics: (330) 750-1062

Mrs. Nancy Knight, Director

(330) 750-1062, Ext. 41395

Diversion: (330) 750-1062

Mrs. Yvonne Wilson

(330) 750-1062, Ext. 41391

Teacher Directory


Mr. Griffin
Ext. 41349

Mrs. Herrholtz
Ext. 41350

Daily & Consumer Science

Mrs. Rohrer
Ext. 41335

Digital Media

Mr. Zanni
Ext. 41375


Mr. Shuluga

Foreign Language

Ms. Giancola
Ext. 41355

Ms. Michaels
Ext. 41362

Ms. Romeo
Ext. 41370


Ms. Wilson
Ext. 41392

Language Arts

Mrs. Bradley
Ext. 41361

Mrs. Dubos

Mr. Gage
Ext. 41344

Mr. Kornbau
Ext. 41338

Ms. Muntean
Ext. 41389

Ms. Parella
Ext. 41366

Ms. Wilson
Ext. 41394


Mrs. Chiaberta
Ext. 41326

Mr. Garcar
Ext. 41377

Mrs. Greene
Ext. 41348

Mr. Matzye
Ext. 41363

Mrs. Rogan
Ext. 41369


Mr. Hawkins
Ext. 41380

Mrs. Russo
Ext. 41371


Mr. DeJulio
Ext. 41335

Physical Education

Mr. Stellato
Ext. 41379


Mrs. Bennett
Ext. 41382

Mr. Cammack
Ext. 41323

Mrs. Dundee
Ext. 41340

Mr. Lesko
Ext. 41356

Mr. Malcomson
Ext. 41359

Social Studies

Mr. Bayuk
Ext. 41332

Mr. Bruno
Ext. 41320

Mr. Daily
Ext. 41334

Mr. Dubic

Mr. Gaia
Ext. 41345

Special Education

Mr. Basile
Ext. 41317

Mrs. Bundy
Ext. 41321

Mrs. Edwards
Ext. 41378

Mr. Hausch
Ext. 41393

Mrs. Sharp

Mrs. Sloan
Ext. 41341


Mr. Donatelli
Ext. 41339

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The Struthers City School District in cooperation with family and a community founded on tradition, recognize our role as a catalyst for change to enhance student achievement and develop good character as we create appropriate academic, technological, and vocational opportunities for all students.

Based on the needs of our students, we are dedicated to providing a diversified, integrated, and flexible curriculum that develops independent and responsible citizens capable of making critical decisions.

As a primary partner in providing educational leadership, we will create links with family, business, and community agencies to ensure the continuous improvement of teaching and learning.

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